New & Used Hooklift Trucks

If your company is in need of a hooklift truck, Ruble Truck Sales, based out of New Haven, Indiana, can help you. We have many types of hooklift trucks, including those from trusted manufacturers like Palfinger. Palfinger especially has made a name for themselves in the manufacturing of hooklift trucks. Call 260-493-6182 today to learn more about our semi-trucks.

Why Get A Palfinger Hooklift Truck?

Palfinger hooklift trucks are built to last with unmatched efficiency in the scrap and waste, construction, mining, demolition, and general contractor industries. They have found a universal appeal due to their productivity and unparalleled versatility. From a small construction job to a massive mining gig, Palfinger hooklift trucks are instrumental to the completion of each project. Palfinger hooklift trucks can handle more containers in a short period of time than other hooklift trucks as a result of their maneuverability and well-designed build.

Ruble Truck Sales
Ruble Truck Sales

What To Look For In A Hooklift Truck

When you're looking for a hooklift truck, there are a few things to consider before you make your purchase.

  • Each day, how often will you need to tip, lower, change bodies, etc.? If you're in the waste or recycling business, you may have many body changes on a regular basis. Other professions may call for frequent lowering and tipping, like transporting gravel and soil and dumping it. The faster that your truck can handle these needs, the more you can get done. It is important to consider increased sequence and speed options as you try to narrow down your hooklift truck selection.
  • Will you need tilting or sliding movement - maybe even a combination? The different types of movements offer different advantages based on your needs. For example, a hooklift with combination movement offers low angles, which are ideal for body change and can be helpful in low headroom situations.
  • Do you plan to change or upgrade your hooklift at any point in time? It is crucial to keep the resale value of your hooklift truck in mind when you're making your preliminary purchase. If you want to make adaptations to your hooklift truck, consider the durability and ease of maintenance, as well as the warranty support and long-term service available for it.

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