New & Used Roll-Off Trucks For Sale

Is it time to replace your old, dying roll-off truck? Maybe your company is expanding and ready to purchase a roll-off truck to add to your fleet. If you're looking to buy a new or used roll-off truck for your business, Ruble Truck Sales, based out of New Haven, Indiana, can help. Whatever the needs of your business, we have a roll-off truck that's sure to fit the bill. Call 260-493-6182 today if you have questions about buying one of our roll-off trucks.

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Things To Consider In A Roll-Off Truck

  • Size - If you have specific roll-off containers that you will be using, it is crucial to ensure that they properly fit your vehicle. Make sure that the roll-off truck you purchase can handle the size of the containers you will be using.
  • Capacity - If you will be transporting very heavy materials or large amounts of garbage, you will have to look for a roll-off truck that can handle your needs. Just a few of these things to consider are the frame construction, hoist and engine capacity, and the axle capacities.
  • The Use Of The Container - The type of roll-off truck that you get should be determined by your use for the truck. If you're going to be handling heavy construction materials, you're going to need a container made of thicker than average steel. Will it be hauling wood shavings? You may want the door to close within the container so that you don't lose any of the small wood shavings. If your container will hold liquid, you may want a sealed back door. 

Ruble Truck Sales
Ruble Truck Sales

Some Of The Uses Of Roll-Off Trucks

Construction Projects

Whether it is a residential or commercial construction project, massive amounts of materials are needed on-site. Even before the construction begins, it is common to bring in a roll-off truck to load debris from sites with extensive debris.

Demolition Teams

After the demolition of a home or commercial structure, roll-off trucks act as garbage trucks for the debris. After a demolition, the rubble and remains of the building have to be removed from the site. This is where a roll-off truck becomes a vital part of the operation.

Cleanout Jobs

After a construction project, during the site cleanout, roll-off trucks are loaded with the waste and trash from the construction project and transported off-site for disposal. Roll-off trucks can also be incredibly helpful in the cleanout of a natural disaster or hurricane, where they can haul fallen trees and heavy debris from the site.