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If you'd like to buy a commercial semi-truck, Ruble Truck Sales, based out of New Haven, Indiana, has a vehicle for you. No matter the size or horsepower you're looking for, we have a semi-truck that's perfect for your needs. Call today to learn more about our semi-trucks.

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What To Look For In A Semi-Truck

There are several different types of semi-trucks on the market that you can purchase. Here are a few of the elementary types of semi-trucks:

Ruble Truck Sales
  • Freight - If you haul large cargo, the larger your semi-truck will need to be in order to safely haul it.
  • Weather - Where you are traveling is important here. If you live in an extreme climate, you may require extra adaptions to your semi-truck, like weather stripping.
  • Terrain - If you're in a very mountainous area, terrain should factor into your qualities in a semi-truck. If you deal with steep inclines on a regular basis, you may need extra gears to help brake.
  • Route Length - Some semi-trucks aren't designed for long distance drives. From engine size to gas tank capacity, semi-trucks will have different specifications based on whether they will regularly be driving locally or long distance routes.
  • Resale Value - Most truck drivers don't keep their semi-truck until it gives up. It is important to consider the resale value of the semi-truck when you are looking for a vehicle to purchase.
  • Fuel Efficiency - If you need to transport large cargo, it can require a big semi-truck. These larger semi-trucks can take a toll on the gas mileage of your truck. Fuel efficiency is an important aspect to consider when it comes to finding your semi-truck.

Basic Semi-Truck Terms To Define

When it comes to semi trucks, there are a few different key terms to consider.

  • Semi-Truck - This refers specifically to the cab of the truck (the part of the truck that holds the engine and the driver) and not the combination of the semi-truck and semi-trailer together. (Note: driving the semi-truck without the semi-trailer attached is called "bobtailing."
  • 18 Wheeler - An 18 wheeler is the term that is used to describe when the semi-truck and semi-trailer are joined together (this forms 18 wheels).
  • Semi-Trailer - A semi-trailer has no front tires and can be detached from the cab. This can make transferring loads from one vehicle to another much easier.
Ruble Truck Sales

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